A Brief Chronology

After three years of living with my father and his cocaine addiction, he was hauled off to jail on November 1, 2010. We believed our nightmares were over, when they had only just begun. My father contacted a lawyer to “sort out conflicts” in the marriage. But this talk soon shifted to divorce, as mom and I struggled to pay bills without his help. I learned later that my father continued using cocaine throughout this period.

Since then we’ve sold everything from guitars, video game consoles, furniture, to jewelry from my mom’s grandparents, just to keep ourselves fed. When my parents divorced on October 24, 2011, my father escaped owing no alimony for mom, or support for his disabled son.

In March 2012, we moved in with mom’s boyfriend. This was not an ideal option, but at the time it was the only one we had. My old blog was mostly about game development until then. I posted my first “official donation blog” on May 22, 2012, as things quickly became more tense between mom’s boyfriend, his alcoholism, and us.

We were kicked out by mom’s then-boyfriend at the end of September 2012. As we had little time to prepare, we hastily moved up to a cabin in Jasper, which turned out to be unlivable from mold. We were briefly homeless. My father refused to help. One day I found myself standing in front of a Kmart, a county away from my old home, thinking, “I may have to sleep here tonight.”

I am grateful this wasn’t the case. In a strange twist, we were taken in by my mom’s parents, after years of mutual non-communication. They helped us get back on our feet, and move into an apartment.

In 2013 mom met Chris Butts, the founder of AMMJC. We moved in with him in August 2013. Things seemed great, for the first time in years. Until…

On December 28, 2013, we were visited by police and charged with felony trafficking of marijuana. Despite Chris claiming everything in the house, we were all put under arrest, including mom and myself. We were all taken to Cullman County Jail, and our bonds were set at 1 million USD each. Though I managed to leave after a 12-hour mandatory hold because of my illness, they kept my mom for two weeks, and Chris for a full month.

Now that things have settled down, I’ve decided to create this new blog to organize my thoughts. If you’d like to help out mom and I, check out my youcaring page. Thank you for reading.


About Dylan Franks

My name is Dylan Franks, and I'm a game designer and musician. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. View all posts by Dylan Franks

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