Eden’s Prison is Released! +Let’s Plays

Eden’s Prison

My new game Eden’s Prison and its soundtrack are available on itch.io! Download it here!

This 2d platformer game was first released on January 21, 2014, under the name Eighteen Star (or 18*). It was revived and re-released on April 20, 2015 as Eden’s Prison. This update has several changes, including a save system, hard mode, a new GUI, and a highest records system. This update also removed bosses – mandatory enemy encounters, which streamlined the flow of gameplay. It also includes the ability to change the shape of the tower by collecting items.

The game was originally made for a competition on 64digits, where I tied for second place. The competition was won by aeron’s Eskimo-themed Sokoban clone, Eski Soko Mo Ban. Despite no prizes, I was happy with the overall outcome. Out of 21 participants, 10 people submitted final entries. Most 64digits competitions tend to have a higher ratio of dropouts.


Let’s Plays

In other news, a friend made this epic 22 minute let’s play of my oldest surviving game, A Starspangled Zephyr. If you’ve never seen the game before, now you can watch it on YouTube! The game is available for free on itch.io. Download it here!

Another friend made this let’s play of my biggest project so far, Cosmic Zephyr. While there are still some minor bugs to fix, this shows the game is already in a playable state. I’m hoping to fix the bugs and release a final version of the game by the end of the year. The game is available on itch.io for $2.99. Download it here!

If you make a let’s play for one of my games, let me know! I’ll add your video to the playlist on my youtube channel.

I’m still looking for graphic artists to help with my 2d platformer engine, Multimirror. My latest plans are to participate in itch.io’s Write a Game Challenge, which begins in less than two days, but we’ll see how that goes. For now, thanks for reading!


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