Cosmic Zephyr 1.3 Update!

Cosmic Zephyr

I’ve released a new, updated version of Cosmic Zephyr! Get it here!

I resurrected the autopilot opening sequence from 2013 after scouring old source files and finally finding it. It really helps the game feel more professional to open with a demo level that plays itself.

The menu screen finally has a visually appealing background, instead of just white text on a black screen. That was something I’ve wanted to improve for years. Fixed some bugs that weren’t there in the last release, presumably from Game Maker Studio updates. I’m hoping now the menu is bug free.

I replaced the arrow you were chasing with a character sprite, which helped a lot with collision bugs and where you’re supposed to aim. Collision between your bullets and the enemy still aren’t as perfect as I would like, but it has improved a lot over the years.

Because the code is pseudo 3d and not true 3d, it can appear like your bullets are colliding with the enemy when they actually aren’t. Or the tunnel will be curved so it’ll appear you’re aligned with the enemy when you aren’t. This whole game was a lesson on how I shouldn’t depend on pseudo 3d, actually.

So while I may not be able to get it 100% perfect, I think I’ve at least made it where it’s not frustrating to the player.

New features include the opening sequence, improved collisions, an updated menu, WASD controls, and a new bonus level after you beat the game. I’m also releasing a larger version of the game in 1024 x 768. That was the original size before I changed it to reduce lag. If you do experience lag, just lower the quality in the options menu.

Feel free to ask for a download key if you want to help beta test, or just screw around in general. Share it on Twitter or Facebook or wherever you’re active these days. As always I appreciate it.



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