Angels Have Further to Fall


First, some good news! I won a songwriting competition back in October. For winning first place, my lyrics were recorded and set to music. Adam Schweitzer wrote the melody and performed this version on acoustic guitar. You can stream the song on Soundcloud here, and you can read the lyrics here. The name of the song is “Angels Have Further to Fall”.



I haven’t felt like blogging about my games for a while. Game journalism seems to saturate the internet more every month, and I’ve grown exhausted trying to keep up. That said, I feel like writing a very short postmortem / autopsy / exorcism for the game I’ve worked hardest on, the 3d space shooter Cosmic Zephyr.

Speaking on strictly personal terms, Cosmic Zephyr was developed through some of the most stressful years of my life. Between 2012 and 2013, I left my home and moved six times before ending up where I am now. At one point we were very nearly homeless. I continued working despite these obstacles.

Cosmic Zephyr was my best attempt to push Game Maker as far as it can go with pseudo 3d graphics. It was my best attempt at being big and flashy. Which is a contradiction, given the genre and timing. An arcade game doesn’t hold people’s attention for long in an age obsessed with open world exploration.

I just updated it to 1.4, which I hope will be the final version.

A lot has changed in the game industry since I began developing that game in 2010. Only in the past few years has it become possible to port Game Maker games to mobile devices. Growing up, my dream was always to get my own game on console. But now I think it would be more rewarding to see my game on Android and iPhone.

2015 is the first year I’ve owned a smartphone, so I’m a bit late there. I never graduated beyond the GameCube / PS2 era for similar reasons. The only new console games I’m interested in are sequels to old classics like Pikmin and Kingdom Hearts. I’m certainly not gambling 60 dollars on a new game series that may not be any good. So I understand why console developers aren’t in the best position to create innovative games. It’s unfortunate.

I think that’s about all I have to say for now. My current games are complete, so expect new games on the horizon. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your holidays!



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