In Memory of Shawn Noel

Shawn Noel was a great game developer who passed away 10 years ago on January 18, 2006, at the age of 17. His fertile creativity and quick output of games was representative of the young indie game scene, which seemed to grow up quickly after his passing. Looking back, I think Shawn’s death marked the end of an era for many of us in the early GM community.

tapeworm, the creator of Seiklus, wrote a eulogy about him in 2008 for the GMG website, which you can read here. Also, here is an interview with Shawn from 2005.

If you’ve never played his games before I highly recommend them. Jetz 4 Rampage, Street Bike Fury, Infection, and Mini Golf Pro were all very popular in the GM community when he passed away. The Jetz series was undoubtedly the Hotline Miami of its time. Shawn was one of the greats, and his influence should not be forgotten.

Jetz 4 Rampage: GMG | S64

Street Bike Fury: GMG | S64

Infection: GMG | S64

Mini Golf Pro: GMG | S64

I was a young 14 year old just beginning to develop games then. I never knew him personally, but I always admired his work ethic. It is strange to think that I’m older than him now.

His website is still up after all these years, but sadly, some of the download links are broken. If anyone has managed to save his older games, let me know. Thankfully most of his games still seem to be available on the GMG website.

RIP Shawn P. Noel


I’ve noticed many of the download links on Shawn’s site no longer work, sadly. I had to get his games from GMG, and some of them are missing. I only have:

Bounty Hunter SX
Bubble Gum
Galaxy Arcade
Galaxy Arcade 2
Jetz 3: Fusion
Jetz 4: Rampage
Mini Golf Pro
Missile Wave 2
Street Bike Fury

If anyone knows if his other games are still available somewhere, please leave a comment!


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