On Recent Political Events

On Recent Political Events

So, uh… How was your November?

Let me just be the five millionth person to say that I was indeed shocked by what happened in the early morning hours of November 8-9. But looking back, I should have known better. There were signs.

8 years of seeing “NOBAMA” stickers on people’s cars? Yeah, there were signs. It’s all been incredibly ugly to watch. I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said. Vi Hart made a great video after the election that runs the numbers from a more emotional perspective. There’s also a really interesting pre-election article by Michael Moore that predicts the four key Rust Belt states that Clinton lost.

Mom and I did predict it would come down to Trump vs. Sanders back in October 2015. So we were half-right.

Actually, I do have one thing to say. Fuck the mainstream media outlets that gave unlimited coverage to Trump’s rallies and surrogates, when they could have been talking about Syria, Iraq, Turkey, or any number of other important issues they missed.


Leslie Moonves

Fuck the CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves, for saying “it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS, that’s all I got to say. You know, the money’s rolling in, and this is fun.”

Moonves tried walking this back in October by saying “It was early in the primaries, and I was at a business conference …. The early days of Trump, where no one imagined him being where he is today.” Ah yes. The primaries – the good old days – where women, Latinos and Muslims were the only people Trump attacked. It was all so innocent back in February 2016.



62% of adults get their news from social media now, and 44% get their news from Facebook. Facebook is a hellscape of fake news and misinformation. Anyone who has worked with Facebook can tell you how fucked their system is. Ever since they fired their human editors, the “fake news” problem has only gotten worse.

Mark Zuckerberg decides to tackle this problem after the election. Great fucking job, Zuckerberg.


Jeff Zucker

Last but not least, fuck the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker. He and Trump go way back. Zucker was the one who greenlit “The Apprentice” when he ran NBC Universal back in 2004. He had no regrets about boosting Trump’s popularity then, and he has no regrets now.  In 2012, he called Trump “a one-man wrecking publicity machine.”

So when Zucker says “this is the best year in the history of cable news”, he knows he has Trump to thank for that.

“Of course, what Zucker is afraid to say, or maybe even admit to himself is this: CNN gave Trump all the airtime he wanted because it was easy ratings gold during a slow news period, never thinking that this obvious journalistic malpractice would ever cause any “real” harm, because they never thought he would win the nomination and, if he did, he would never win the general, and it would all work out well for their agenda in the long run.” – John Ziegler

Donald Trump wouldn’t be where he is now without CNN’s President Jeff Zucker. This bears repeating.

Cable news may suffer a much harder comedown than they expect after this election. Thankfully I’m not alone in my frustration here; no one seems to be happy with Zucker right now. At least the higher echelons of the media are getting what they deserve from our new President-elect:

“Trump started with [CNN chief] Jeff Zucker and said, ‘I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed,’ ” the source said.

Though given their past, one can only question Trump’s sincerity.

Anyway, fuck these people. Fuck Jeff Zucker. Fuck Leslie Moonves. Fuck media outlets like CNN and CBS, and fuck the insanely rich people who run them.



This blog post turned out darker than I expected… I’ll have more positive content soon. Still working on my music reviews (best and worst) for the end of 2016!


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