Seraphim Automata 2, 2d music generator. Free download.

Iridescent Crown, 2d roguelike platformer. Buy / play in your browser.

Zephyr 3, 3d endless runner. Play / download for free.
Seraphim Automata, 2d music generator. Free download.
Eden’s Prison, 2.5d platformer. Free download.
Cosmic Zephyr, 3d space shooter. Free download.
Deadman’s Dark Scenery Court, 3d puzzle horror. Free download.
A Starspangled Zephyr, 2d space shooter. Free download.

Seraphim Automata 2

Released: February 4, 2017
Last Updated: March 14, 2017
Genre: 2d Music Generator


Seraphim Automata 2 is a 2d music generator. You can play it with a mouse or touchscreen. The game randomly generates music as you play.

Download the game, or run it in your browser for free:

Iridescent Crown

Released: December 22, 2016
Last Updated: March 30, 2017
Genre: 2d Roguelike Platformer


Iridescent Crown is a 2d roguelike platformer. Explore an infinite variety of colorful dungeons and cave systems. New levels are randomly generated each time you play.

Buy the game, or run it in your browser for free:

Zephyr 3

Released: October 1, 2016
Last Updated: February 5, 2017
Genre: 3d Endless Runner


Zephyr 3 is a psychedelic endless runner. It seeks to combine the elements of the previous Zephyr games into a smaller, sleeker engine. The source code is also available.

Download for free, or run in your browser:

Seraphim Automata

Released: June 22, 2016
Genre: 2d Music Generator


Seraphim Automata is a 2d game that allows you to generate music with cellular automata. You can select 13 music genres, 12 scales, 12 keys, and 8 rhythms for a total of 14,976 possible games.

Download for free:

Eden’s Prison

Released: January 21, 2014
Last Updated: April 6, 2016
Genre: 2.5d Platformer

Eden’s Prison is a platformer built on MC Escher-inspired optical illusions. The goal of the game is to climb a space defying 3d tower. Items you pick up change the shape of the tower, and the illusion.

Download for free: | indiedb

Cosmic Zephyr

Released: August 9, 2013
Last Updated: May 1, 2016
Genre: 3d Space Shooter

Cosmic Zephyr is a 3d bullet hell with an emphasis on speed. You chase your enemy through space, trying to score combos without getting hit yourself.

Download for free: | indiedb

Deadman’s Dark Scenery Court

Released: July 20, 2010
Genre: 3d Puzzle / Horror

Deadman’s Dark Scenery Court is a 3d horror game that takes place in a haunted mansion. You solve puzzles to progress through the game. It’s inspired by old point and click games from the 90s.

A Starspangled Zephyr

Released: April 5, 2010
Genre: 2d Space Shooter

A Starspangled Zephyr is a psychedelic space shooter with 3d elements. You fight 17 bosses across 50 levels. The game is scored with ambient synthesizer music.

You can read about my earliest games, and my history as a solo game developer, here.







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