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My third album is “wingsdyedblack”, released September 7, 2015. This is a collection of instrumental pieces I wrote between 2012 and 2015. Many of the tracks were meant for video games, and they range from bright piano pieces to dark synthesizer soundscapes.

I recorded guitar on Weapons of Happiness Pts 1 & 2, The Boy With the Moon on His Forehead, and the closer Luxury. The vocal sample in Luxury is anonymous.

1. Diamondskulled
2. Weapons of Happiness
3. Cupid and the Sphinx
4. Moonflower Theme
5. Trauma Doll
6. Veiled Horror
7. The Child Phantom
8. Cassapella
9. Eating Oceans
10. Dreamcountry Theme
11. Sweeper of the Threshold
12. Destined Battle
13. Rukkimeth’s Theme Pt 2
14. Rukkimeth’s Theme Pt 3
15. Angelic Warfare
16. The Boy With the Moon on His Forehead
17. Brother Android’s Theme
18. Cassapella Pt 2
19. The Blood-Stained Throne
20. Coaxing the Beam in Her Eyes
21. Weapons of Happiness Pt 2
22. The Upper Room
23. Imperfect Forms of Silence
24. Luxury

Favorite pieces: “Diamondskulled”, “The Child Phantom”, “The Blood-Stained Throne”, and “Imperfect Forms of Silence”.

Track 19 was used in my game Zephyr 3.

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 12, 15 and 23 were used in my game Iridescent Crown.


Stream / Download the music for free.

My second album is “Mirrors for Princes”, released November 7, 2012. These tracks experiment more with rhythm and tempo changes than the first album. The opening track, “Consumed With Desire”, is the first complete song I’ve produced with both singing and guitar solos.

This album continues in the psychedelic vein of my first album, while striving for a higher level of quality and accessibility.

1. Consumed With Desire
2. Trying to Embrace a Memory
3. Legendary Pts 1 and 2
4. Within Crystal Range
5. Saffronbreathing
6. Unknown Body in the Fields of Blue
7. Juggaleer’s Veins
8. My Fire Opal
9. Male-Female Energies
10. Heaven and Earth Will Pass Away
11. Mirrors for Princes
12. Truth in One Vast Nothing

Favorite pieces: “Consumed With Desire”, “Trying to Embrace a Memory”, “Legendary Pts 1 and 2”, and “Saffronbreathing”.

Stream / Download the music for free.

My first album is “God is Alive and Well”, released February 1, 2011. These tracks are calm electronica pieces, often in odd time signatures. They were composed in Ableton Live with VSTs, samples and synthesizers.

“My Castle in the Sky” features an early guitar solo. Several pieces experiment with spoken word samples. Tracks 4 and 5 sample Terence McKenna. The last 6 tracks sample Ramtha.

1. Naked
2. Temptatrix
3. My Castle in the Sky
4. Bellax, Acting Like a Bellax
5. Arise, Land-Under-Wave
6. Fourdimmansions
7. The Megarain
8. Ankh
9. Living in the Fortress of Terror
10. God is Alive and Well
11. Chambers of the Heart
12. The Books of Life
13. Villa of the Mysteries

Favorite pieces: “Naked”, “Ankh”, “God is Alive and Well”, and “The Books of Life”.


Video Game Soundtracks


Download the game and soundtrack for free.

My second soundtrack was for my game Eden’s Prison. The tracks are short and atmospheric, averaging about 2 minutes in length. The sampled vocals in “All I Need (Remix)” are anonymous.

1. January Fairy
2. Ephemeron Theme
3. All I Need (Remix)
4. Etemenanki

You can also stream the music on Bandcamp.



Download the game and soundtrack for free.

My first soundtrack was for my game Cosmic Zephyr. Most of the tracks were written in a frenetic, fast-paced style to match the game. The sampled vocals in “Hypnotized (Remix)” are anonymous.

1. Hypnotized (Remix)
2. Menu Theme
3. Nibiru Theme
4. Solo Dark Theme
5. Cloudberry Theme
6. Swan Song (Jaed Norberg Cover)
7. Ending Theme

You can also stream the music on Bandcamp.



Here are a few live covers on Youtube I recorded in 2012.






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