AMETHYST 3.0 “Leon’s Story”

Classified Information for New Agents

Authorized Personnel ONLY

“Regarding the Identity of Camille Fox”




Summary by Agent 91251

These reports were submitted by Agent 211 aka Marlene ████, who went insane after obtaining an AMETHYST and attempting to contact ███████. She is currently being held at a local mental institution in ███ █████, Nevada.

The murders have continued after Gabriel’s arrest and Leon’s release. Leon has not been seen since he left to find ███████. He is still our prime suspect.

Samantha Fox has been located, but records show her daughter Camille died at a young age. The identity of the girl in the blue dress is still unknown.




Report from Agent 211

“There’s nothing for you to see here, Miss Private Detective. They’ve already taken the ten bodies to the hospital.”

“Nice to see you too, lieutenant. I’d like to know why you are still holding my fiance for questioning after 11 hours. What connection could Leon possibly have to this murder?” I was used to getting the cold shoulder from police.

“You tell me. We got an anonymous tip this morning. Someone called the station and told us ten bodies were here. The caller mentioned Leon Cortez by name, and said Leon has known about the murders for years. We called him in for questioning but so far he hasn’t said a word.”

“Of course he hasn’t, because he doesn’t know anything.”

“That’s not all. They said a couple other people knew about the murders for years, but did nothing to stop them. You’ve known Leon since childhood. Do you have any idea who they are referring to?”

“Are you trying to implicate me as well, lieutenant? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I became slightly defensive.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to hold Leon for the night. You’re lucky the sheriff doesn’t come after you too. This is a pretty shocking revelation for a small town like ours. My men are scrambling for clues and turning up nothing.”

“Alright, fine. How much do we know so far?”

“We won’t know much about the victims until the autopsies come back in 6 weeks. But I can tell you what we found. There were three freshly murdered victims in the basement. They were seven older victims found buried behind bricks in the wall. A few of our men are still down there, looking for any other ‘surprises’. The victims were all brutally murdered the same way, which suggests to us the murderer has been living here all along.”

“They may have been living somewhere else and stashing the bodies here. Do you know who owns this property?” I looked closely at the large house. It seemed normal.

“That’s another mystery. No one in the neighborhood has ever seen this house being used. See these bricks embedded into the yard? Someone must have built this house after the last one burned down. Since it was independently built, there was no bank or real estate agent involved. It seems no one even inspected the house. If the deed doesn’t turn up, we’ll have to find the people who built this damn thing.”

“There may be a record of this fire in the newspaper archives. I’ll see what I’m able to dig up.”

“You have got to help us find this murderer before he strikes again. I’m counting on you.”

I spent the night searching through the newspaper archives, looking for any trace of a fire on Sequoia Drive. The archives were overwhelming and stretched back to the 1940s. The search seemed hopeless but I pursued anyway. I knew the fire happened sometime in 1956, which helped narrow my search down.

Then I found it – a nightmarish fire that engulfed a house on 77 Sequoia Drive in 1956. The article was dated October 9th, and mentioned the death of a girl named Camille.

What worried me was I didn’t know why 1956 felt like the right answer. Where did that come from? I couldn’t remember that year being mentioned in conversation to me. Perhaps I had picked it up off the bricks in the yard? I wasn’t certain.

Camille… Why did that name sound so familiar?

I still had to deduce the ownership of the current house. After 60 years, it was unlikely the land belonged to the same owners. But it was possible.

“Camille is survived by her father, Robert Fox, and her two brothers, Marc and Preston.”

Her brothers may still be alive… My best shot right now would be to track them down.

After a quick background check I learned they were both living across the border in Tennessee. I looked at the clock. It was 3 a.m. I decided I would drive out there after a night of rest.


Report from Agent 211

The next morning I got a very unexpected phone call. It was from Leon, who was still in jail.

“Where are you right now?” He asked.

“I just got in the car. I’m about to take a drive.” I replied.

“Listen to me. This is very important. There’s a box in that house on 77 Sequoia Drive. It’s on the top shelf in one of the bedroom closets. Find it and destroy it. Do not look inside it. Go, now. They’re listening.” He hung up.

I was stunned for a moment by what he said. “Oh god dammit Leon, the last thing I need are the police after me!” There went my plans to visit Tennessee. Now the most important objective was reaching 77 Sequoia Drive before the police picked up on that message. They’d likely be searching for me no matter where I’m at now.

I cursed Leon’s name as I sped up and drove back to 77 Sequoia Drive.

After that phone call, there was no doubt that Leon was somehow connected to the murders. What could possibly be in this box he wanted me to destroy? And why was it in the murderer’s house instead of his own?

“Do not look inside it.” Was he tempting me? There was no way I wouldn’t look inside it.

I’d better take a good look at the murder scene while I’m there, I thought. Leon’s phone call may have just cost me any future chance to look at any evidence they found.

I parked in the driveway of the house. No sign of police so far. I snuck into the house through the window and begin looking for the bedroom closet. There, I found a large cardboard box with several small objects rattling inside it.

Though I knew I was in a hurry, curiosity overwhelmed me and I decided to open the box. Inside, I found a few dolls and children’s toys lying on top of a piece of wood. I pulled out and turned it over. It was a Ouija board.

Then I remembered.

I remembered how it spelled out the numbers 1956.

I remembered how it spelled out the name CAMILLE.

I closed the box. I attempted to regain my composure. This was no time to be dealing with a flood of memories. The police could be arriving at any moment. I gathered up the box and decided I would deal with the contents later. I rushed back to the car and sped away. I was too nervous to return home. Maybe it was a good time to visit Tennessee after all.

I stopped at a local café so I could eat lunch and sort out my thoughts. While I was there I got a phone call. I recognized the number – it was the lieutenant. I hesitated before answering.

“Marlene! You got any leads?” The lieutenant said simply. Was he not looking for me? Perhaps they hadn’t listened in on Leon’s phone call.

I tried to sound professional in spite of being flustered. “I think I know who owns the house on 77 Sequoia Drive. It’s a man named Robert Fox. I’ve managed to track down his two sons, who are currently living in Tennessee. I’m considering paying them a visit.”

“Forget about that, I’ll have one of my men track them down. I want you to talk to this friend of Leon’s. His name is Gabriel. He’s one of Leon’s closest friends, and I suspect you know him as well. He’s playing very hard to get. My men can’t even find him.”

“Any suspects, lieutenant?”

“Honestly no, we’ve got nothing. I’m not sure Leon has any connection either, but the sheriff isn’t letting him go. Leon’s complete silence has been unnerving him. Gabriel’s a blabbermouth, so I’m sure he will speak on Leon’s behalf.”

“And if I lead you to the prime suspect, you will let Leon go?”

“You got it, little lady.” The lieutenant replied.

I had trouble sleeping that night, knowing deep down I could have been able to prevent some of these murders.


Report from Agent 211

I only vaguely remembered playing with the Ouija board when we were younger. The memories were blurry, as if obscured by fog. I could still feel the planchette moving across the board on its own. I shivered at the memory. I began recalling the countless nights we spent up recording the words that came from the board.

Camille died tragically at age 13 when her house was set on fire. That was in 1956. Her murderer was… what was his name again? Maybe Gabriel would remember.

I got out of bed and examined the Ouija board again. There can be no doubt – this was the original one we used. I recognized our initials, and the many scratches we left on the board from nights of moving the planchette from letter to letter. I thought this board was burned up by Leon in an attempt to end the nightmare.

Clearly the nightmare wasn’t over.


Report from Agent 211

I called Gabriel as soon as I woke up. He was hosting a party at The Blue Gardenia that Friday and invited me to stop by. I promised I would. After he hung up, I began thinking about Camille. I remembered how she told us her life story through the Ouija board. She was a vibrant 13 year old whose life was cut short by a devastating fire.

According to her, the fire was started by a boy she considered her best friend. She didn’t learn the true cause of her death until he contacted her with a Ouija board in the 80s. She said he mocked her about her death through the Ouija board. It was a tragic story. We believed her.

As time went on, our trust in the board wavered. She claimed he lived up the street in the house on 77 Sequoia Drive, and demanded we pay him a visit. We were young and didn’t know what to do.

Camille became more agitated and demanding, and more paranormal events occurred. More strange photographs with lights or smoke were taken. Leon began seeing terrible visions. He would never tell us what exactly, but whatever he saw drove home the conclusion that Camille was not a real person. Over time we came to agree with him, and finally decided to destroy the Ouija board.

After that, the paranormal phenomena slowly faded away. The pictures stopped showing strange lights and smoke. We decided the stories we heard couldn’t possibly be real.

I did, anyway.


Report from Agent 211

“Hello, Marlene.” Gabriel greeted me.

We got drinks at the bar and found a quiet table to talk. “You and Leon have been acting strange lately. What’s going on?”

Gabriel remained quiet for a moment. “Police won’t tell anyone who tipped them off about the murders. That makes me suspicious.”

“Don’t you think it looks suspicious for you to keep avoiding the police?”

“No. Leon wants me to finding out who talked to them about the Ouija board.” He seemed serious.

“Do you and Leon still believe that story? About that poor girl who died in the fire?” I thought about showing him the newspaper article, but I wanted to know his reaction first.

He simply nodded. “Camille supposedly died in 1956, so this couldn’t possibly be the original killer.” He sipped his drink and continued. “We have two explanations: either an old man has restarted a 60 year old murder spree, or a copycat found out about the story. I’m ruling out supernatural explanations for now. What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess it could be a copycat… I don’t know.” I replied. We sat in silence for a moment.

“There’s always another explanation.”

“Like what?” I inquired.

“You, Leon and I were sworn to secrecy about the Ouija board. So either one of us broke that code… or one of us is the murderer.”

“You can’t really believe one of us is a murderer, do you? If you’re saying you and I are innocent, that means you’re accusing Leon.”

“Perhaps Leon is the murderer. Perhaps it is Camille. Do you ever think of that?”

“You said no supernatural explanations, Gabe. The murderer is real, and they’re alive.”

“Yes, and that may rule the original killer out. But have you considered that he may have had a son? And that son may have found out about Camille’s story?”

“You’re coming up with fantasies now. Can’t we just talk to Camille with the Ouija board?”

“No. I’ve tried, but it seems she will only talk when Leon is around. And he is in jail right now.” Gabriel finished his drink. “She may talk to you though. Maybe it’s me she doesn’t like.” He laughed. “Shall we go?”

“Alright.” We left the cafe. “Do you remember the original killer’s name?” I asked on the way out.

“Yep. ‘Malcolm’. That is, according to the Ouija board. We never did see him at that house. It was abandoned the few times we visited. It was a nice looking house, but the lights didn’t turn on and the water wasn’t running.”

“That leaves one important question. Why was Leon’s Ouija board found at the murder scene? I thought we watched him destroy it years ago.”

“He didn’t burn the real one, he burned a copy. He and I continued using the real one after he convinced you to stop. The last time we used it, we left it in that house. We were trying to contact Camille.” He laughed again. “It could easily have been me who left it there.”

I felt a chill run down my spine as I waved goodbye to him.

I never did show him the newspaper article about Camille’s funeral.


Report from Agent 211

I considered the possibilities. A man in his late seventies killing ten people. Some copycat who heard about Camille’s tragic death in the fire. And finally my own friends, Leon or Gabriel.

The first possibility was too implausible, and the third was too horrific. So I considered the second possibility – a copycat. Perhaps someone found out through Leon or Gabriel.

I had to admit there was a fourth possibility – that it was all a coincidence and Camille’s story had nothing to do with the murders.

“Perhaps it is Camille? Do you ever think of that?” I recalled Gabriel’s words and shuddered. No, it couldn’t be.

Leon had lied to me about destroying the Ouija board. I felt slightly betrayed. He and Gabriel were acting too strangely for me to not suspect them of something.

I still couldn’t find anything about Camille’s murderer Malcolm. Since he was never charged with the crime of killing Camille, there were probably no records in the library archives to link him to the fire. He would be the most difficult one to track down – if he even existed.

I had plenty of suspects. Now all I needed was a motive. I decided to call Theo. He was an old friend who now worked in the homicide department. Although the autopsies would not be back for a few more weeks, he could provide more information about the victims. He also may have information regarding the anonymous phone call that mentioned Leon’s name.

As I pulled the phone out of my purse, I realized I’d mistakenly grabbed Gabriel’s phone. He was likely walking around with mine. Before calling him, I felt the urge to look through his contact list, just to see if he was hiding something.

Under the letter C, I saw the name “Camille Fox” along with a phone number. I felt another chill. The name of the dead girl? I wasn’t sure what to think, but I knew I needed to write down that number. There were no other names of any interest.

I looked through his history. There were several calls back and forth to Camille, on a daily basis. No one else. Though I didn’t want to use Gabriel’s phone, I felt a sense of urgency and curiosity that compelled me to call her.

In the crowd, someone else’s phone began ringing.






Classified Information for PSI Agents

Authorized Personnel ONLY

“Regarding the Identity of Camille ███████”




PSI Password Accepted

Access Granted




Report from Agent 211

The crowd shuffled as I saw someone running to the door.

I caught a brief glimpse of her as the elevator door closed. She was in her mid-twenties – not much older than me. She was wearing a blue dress and had a strange scar on her forehead. As I watched the elevator door close between us, I wondered who was this person? Her phone was still ringing. I heard it descend with the elevator.

“Perhaps it is Camille? Do you ever think of that?” Gabriel’s words flashed in my mind with a whole new meaning.

After Gabriel disappeared from The Blue Gardenia that night, the police were able to swear out a warrant for his arrest. They brought him in a few days later. Confident that they had found the real criminal, the sheriff finally released Leon from jail.

That night, Leon and I burned the original Ouija board.

Though I considered myself removed from the case now that Leon was free, several details continued to bother me. The next day I called Theo at the homicide department. “Did you ever manage to find out who owns the property on 77 Sequoia Drive?” I asked.

“I’m working on it. You were right. The property at 77 Sequoia Drive did belong to a man named Robert Fox. Apparently he was very wealthy, and owned a considerable amount of land across the state. But it’s unclear how his property was divided up after his death. I’m still trying to determine the current owners, and the whereabouts of his two sons.”

“Look at this old newspaper article I scanned in from the archives.” I emailed him a copy of the newspaper article regarding Camille’s death in the fire.

“Interesting… I was not aware he had a daughter. Let me see what I can find out. I’ll call back later.”


Report from Agent 211

For a short while, life was peaceful. Leon and I stayed together for about 2 weeks, but deep down something kept disturbing my intuition. The whole time, I knew the unresolved case would come back to haunt us.

One day while studying, I heard Leon speak in an unsettling tone. “Who the fuck is Camille?” I looked over and saw he had my phone in his hand.

“Gabriel…” I muttered as I dove for the phone. Gabriel must have called ‘Camille’ with my phone at some point. Leon refused to let me have it. He stood up and called the number.

The phone rang a few times. Time seemed to grind to a halt in that moment.

Then someone picked up on the other side and greeted Leon. I couldn’t make out the words, but I could tell the voice belonged to a woman.

“I don’t understand. What do you need me for?” Leon demanded. What an odd question to ask, I thought. He listened to her reply.

“If it’s not Gabriel, then who…?” Leon’s face turned white as he listened. He looked at me briefly before turning away. The expression on his face was bleak.

“Listen to me. I’m going to find you.” Leon barked into the phone. He hung up the cell phone and handed it back to me. He didn’t make eye contact. I could see was holding back tears.

“Leon… You can’t possibly think that is the real Camille.” I begged him not to go.

“I’m going to find out.” He grabbed his pistol and headed out the door.

I never saw him again after he left that night.


Report from Agent 211

Three days after Leon vanished, I got a call from Theo. “Please tell me you have some good news, Theo…”

“I think I do. I have more info on the Fox family. It seems the elder son Preston died of lung cancer back in 2002. No children. The younger son Marc died back in 2014, but he had one child, Samantha Fox. The house likely belongs to her now. She married a man named James Stapleton, who died last year. They had one daughter in 1990. Her name is Camille Stapleton. Both of their whereabouts are currently unknown.”

I sat up in confusion. “What did you say her daughter’s name was?”

“Camille Stapleton. Named after her diseased aunt, Camille Fox. I suspect she was the one that ran away from you.”

Samantha and Camille Stapleton… the truth had to be connected to them somehow. I smiled grimly. “Thank you, Theo.”

“There’s something else you need to know.” Theo added. “All three of the men who went down to search for evidence in the basement have left the squad to seek psychiatric help. There’s something in that house that no one is talking about. And I’m not going back there.”

“I’ll investigate the house for you if you’re willing to do me a favor. Have you been able to trace the anonymous call that implicated Leon?”

“No… unfortunately, that call has proven to be completely untraceable.”

“Did you hear their voice? Would you recognize it if you heard it again?”

“Yeah, I know I would.”

“I may need you to accompany me soon in order to identify that person.”


I hung up. Gabriel’s words flashed in my head again. “Have you considered that he may have had a son? And that son may have found out about Camille’s story?” Gabriel obviously knew more than he was letting on.

Gabriel said Camille would only talk through the Ouija board to Leon. I hoped she would make an exception for me and Theo.


Report from Agent 211

Theo and I placed our hands upon the planchette. Suddenly I became aware of many other beings surrounding the board. They were fighting for control over the planchette in order to speak. I watched a little girl’s hands snatch it away from the rest and guide it to deliver a message.

And those hands belonged to a spirit of fire named Camille.

Somewhere in a prison cell in the Deep South, Gabriel had scrawled the letters of the alphabet, ten numbers, and the words “yes”, “no” and “goodbye” onto a scrap of paper. He made his own planchette to move around the makeshift board with an even smaller scrap of paper. With these 2 scraps of paper and a partner, he was still able to communicate with the dead.

“Are you there?” He asked the makeshift board. The planchette drifted over the word “yes”.

“Who is this?” It spelled out the name CAMILLE.

“Which Camille?” He asked.


End of Log
Declassified: 12/20/2016




AMETHYST 1.0 “Corrupt Version”
To Be Declassified in 2017

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